Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rock Crystal Jewelry

I was walking on the Elliptical Machine at my gym and reading  (staring at pictures) May's issue of InStyle (with Tina Fey on the cover)  and noticed this lovely article about Rock Crystal Jewelry.

Then when I looked online the trend is still there!

Well guess who felt cool then..... I made some rock crystal jewelry this past fall as birthday presents for some of my sisters. The two piece quartz crystal necklace I made for myself. But I'm thinking about separating it into two necklaces. It's too bulky for just one person.
Here's it hanging on my home-made jewelry holder. Yay!! for projects you can make out of foam core board, thumb tacks and a cheap frame.
Here's a necklace made from pieces of Amethyst Crystal. I joked when I made it that it was a statement necklace, Whose statement was "I love big jewelry!"

Anyway, I feel neeto for having been part of a tiny trend. It seems that everyone thinks alike now and then.


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