Sunday, April 10, 2011

Denyse Schmidt and the Single Girl

I am going to start on a new quilt soon. I know, I can't get enough. I must be in a quilting mood. I have a lot of projects I need to do. Or rather I want to do.

I would like to make a dress  for easter, some matching Pajamas for my husband and son out of the most adorable robot fabric. And I need to do my taxes. One of those must happen this month. The others may or may not.

Here's the inspiration for my quilt.

Denyse has been an inspiration of mine for quilt a while. Go here to see more of her work. I actually bought this quilt shown above for my bed. They sold it through pottery barn and the price tag was much cheaper than the usual which is in the thousands. I love it and have finally told myself I WILL sew curves. I usually avoid them because, well they stretch. And it's Hard to make it look nice. But I will do it. Maybe to challenge myself, maybe because it's just so beautiful. For those of you who know about quilting, the name the single girl is because the original inspiration for this quilt was known as the Double Wedding rings. So now, she's a single girl.

Here's a mock up that I worked on in illustrator. I scanned in the fabrics I will use, and drew up what I think the finished piece will look like. It's not exactly like Denyse's pattern, her's is more squared circles (the best I can explain it) and mine are much more rounded. But I am going to try it my way, because I don't like rules. The batik fabrics are only scraps left over from a quilt I made five years ago, only about 1/4 yard each. But, I will persevere, even if I have to take apart some curtains. Next, I have to do some mock ups to get my curves better and my puckers under control.

Here's my illustration of what I hope my quilt will turn out to look like. I plan on calling it the Single girl in the Batik Dress.
Until my next project.....Ruth

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