Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lullaby Book-Brahams Lullaby

Update: So about 30 minutes ago I posted this and decided I hated it. So now, Here's the redo of the first Braham's Lullaby.

Redo of Braham's Lullaby. 

Is it just me or is the Mother Owl looking at me crosseyed?

Here's the newest illustration for my Lullaby book--Brahams Lullaby.

Now, I made up all these lyrics because the ones I found online were either in German, or were too strange. I made up lyrics to the song years ago when I realized I knew none of them. But, instead of replacing the ones in my book with the proper lyrics, I decided to use the ones I sing to my Son. It's my book, and I get to be editor so there you are.

Braham's Lullaby with lyrics and Illustration by Ruth Krueger

Here's my original sketch.

Phoning it in

Honestly, I think I hate it. I must have phoned in the original sketch because this one was easy to do and not at all satisfying. I'm going to re-do it. I'm thinking a mama Owl and a baby owlet in a tree with stars and the moon in the back. Man, I am really into birds. I behind the trends. If I was really on trend I would be doing mustaches. Although that trend has peaked too. 

Oh well. I'm stuck in old trend land. 


Friday, August 26, 2011

Artists and Illustrators of whom I am supremely jealous

Here's some work by Craig Fraizer whose blog I follow. He's a children's book illustrator that also blogs about other people's work in his industry that impresses him. One post is of his own work that started in the early eighties, and was retrofitted--re-worked--for today with the new software and techniques available.
Go here for more:

Just great stuff Craig. I want to get this book.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I wish

I wish they made this tricycle in my size. Training wheels and all. I did have a red tricycle made for adults before and it was harder to ride than a regular two wheel bike. If the back wheels were smaller as opposed to the exact same size I think I wouldn't have had so many issues.

This bike makes me think of fall, and of well, falling when learning how to ride a bike. I am just in love with shiny red, white and chrome. It's like a fifties diner in my brain.

I just put together a trend board for all the red, chrome, and fifties style stuff that inspires me.

All sorts of fun. I don't know if I could do a real red kitchen, but sometimes fantasies are nice. I know I did the bad thing and didn't leave links to where you can find all these goodies but I found them all thru a  google image search for retro and red and just specified rotary phone, or apron, or kitchen.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Header

If you have noticed, I have updated my header. It went from being this:

To what you see above. If you are wondering why it only has six girls instead of the eight as my title would suggest well here's the deal: there are seven daughters. I am the eighth child. I have always identified myself as the eighth child, but also one of the many daughters. Instead of choosing to call myself the fifth daughter, or the eighth child, I went with something I liked best. I'm a writer I can do those things.

Why still only six and not seven? Well then, the first child and the first daughter is taking the picture. On that particular day I was bout 7 or 8, and my sisters and I (mostly my older sisters) made candy lollipops from candy apple candy. That's repetitive but it's exactly what it is.

We were all outside for I don't know what reason and my sisters was taking photography in college so we were her most readily available and free favorite subjects. We were all (except my sister the photographer) standing in a line of age, oldest to youngest eating our lollipops and my sister took the picture. I guess to see the difference in all our heights, or the length of our hair, or what have you.

I remember that day well. 

Here's the real pic as sent to me by the original photographer, the first child and first daughter, Julie. My big sister.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gingham Love

Goodnight Sleeptight-The Lullaby book

Here's the newest illustration for my ongoing project "The Lullaby Book" where I take lullaby's that I love or that I just want to know the words to and draw illustrations for them, and compile them in a book so I can share them with my son and I can 'finally' learn the words.

This is "Goodnight Sleeptight" By the Beatles

Goodnight Sleeptight lyrics by the Beatles, Illustration by Ruth Krueger

Original Sketch

I used the Lookout Point on the 360 bridge in Austin as the inspiration.

Hope you Like it.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Artists and Illustrators of whom I am supremely jealous

Today I was looking through and found this lovely gem of an artist.

Dadu Shin

Posted on Drawn is Dadu's tumblr feed of fashion illustrations which caught my eye.

copyright Dadu Shin

Copyright Dadu Shin

copyright Dadu Shin
Then, after going to Dadu's website I found all these wonderful illustrations:

copyright Dadu Shin

copyright Dadu Shin
copyright Dadu Shin

copyright Dadu Shin
Just great work Dadu. Just great.


Cardigans, shorts and flats, perfect summer outfits

Cardigans, shorts and flats, perfect summer outfits

Monsoon flower shirt
£50 -

Cashmere top
$297 -

Green top
$179 -

Miss Selfridge pink top
£39 -

Mulberry cuffed shirt
$460 -

MUGLER long sleeve top
$2,935 -

Miss Selfridge shorts
£35 -

Hot pants shorts
$60 -

Gray shorts
£179 -

Vila gray shorts
£20 -

Sanctuary flannel shorts
$78 -

T bar shoes
$98 -

Tory Burch leather shoes
$195 -

Miu miu shoes
$630 -

Metallic shoes
$30 -

Leather shoes
£120 -

Monsoon tying shoes
£20 -

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Want this

I found this when looking through a back issue of Country Living magazine in the Doctor's office.

I ripped it out and put it in my purse which is why it's all creased.

The magazine gave me this link to find it and more.

It leads to a slideshow of adorable swimsuits. I've gained 7 pounds, it's soon going to be fall and for some reason I want a swimsuit. My mind has gone over the deep end. (pun intended)

Sorry for the lag time between posts and the fact that the lullaby book hasn't been seen from in a while. But I am busy with classes, life, and a lucky freelance assignment (they are rare so I jump at the chance) to do some illustration for a friend of mine.

Hopefully I'll be finished with the project monday and can possibly show some on this blog. Until then.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Maelyn's Layette-Finished

Well, in the midst of finals, final assignments, and the dreaded XHTML coding debacle I have found myself in. I finished a layette for a sweet little girl soon to be born.

Here name is Maelyn.

Here's the picture.

Now some of you may be saying that the use of the word layette is incorrect.  True, it's no clothing, but bedding and other necessitates is involved.

I made a:
Crib Bumpers
Diaper Bag

I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I just mailed it yesterday so I'm hoping the recipient will like it too.

Now back to my XHTML coding issues.