Friday, March 23, 2018

Big Sue Trading Co.

My nephew had asked me if I knew how to make a logo of his dog Sue, so he could put his face on a hat.

Here was his sketch, which to be honest I really think is cute.

But he sent me a picture of his dog Sue, so I worked from that at first for the actual dog logo. Even though I kind've like his hand-drawn one better.


First draft, I feel like it needed to be simplified much more.

This is still in my opinion too busy, I'm thinking
I want to make it so that the logo can be just two colors, but
not as linear.
I'm getting there.

I think this might be the one.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Swagger and Croquis

I spoke to a high school class about fashion design the other day. It's the fashion design and sewing class. I realized that I hadn't really updated any of my fashion designs in many years. At least, I hadn't done any illustrations, and all of my fashion design was just stuff for my kids and friends. So rather than let all my training waste away....I gave myself some projects.

The croquis' I had designed were fine. But a friend mentioned that they didn't have enough swagger. Which was true, I had based my croquis' on real runway models, rather than the usual 9 head format. So their body language was much more subdued than what many people think of as "fashion croquis".

Soooo, I tried again.

Here are what I ended up with.

Here's my process.....

I drew these based on a more "fashion croquis" style.

I found some inspiration from these sheer star outfits.

I'm really feeling the Barbie meets Wonder-Woman style. I think they have more swagger.