Monday, July 30, 2012

Little Girl's Room

For my son's nursery it all started with Robots, especially this print from Bold & Noble.

I thought I'd like another poster from them for my daughter.

Here are some I was thinking would be nice since most of the furniture will be navy blue.

I'm leaning towards the bright "poppy" red.

If you want to look at their work please do.......


Friday, July 27, 2012

Spiderweb quilt finished!!

So, after many many (10 or so) months of stalling and stopping and finally finding motivation....
I  finished the spiderweb quilt.

I'm so glad my neighbors are so friendly and let me use their fence to photograph
the quilts I make.

Instagram fun

Picnic anyone?

A little piecing in the back is my favorite thing.

Onto the recipient, my sister Laura who's been asking for a quilt
for years now.
I had originally found the tutorial from CrazyMomQuilts blogspot. But instead of paper piecing, or sewing onto a small kite shaped piece of fabric, I used a muslin triangle, and just sewed on top of it until I was finished. That way I don't have to pull off paper, and I've got a perfect triangle and built in stabilizer. The quilt was heavier that way, and because of all the piecing and the under layer it was a bear to quilt through. My long arm quilter Kelliegh called me and told me the 12 layers of fabric at the thickest point was too much to fit under her presser foot on her long arm machine, and we decided on a lazy stipple for the pattern as opposed to a pantagram. And I love it, it's not too overwhelming for such a busy quilt and it allowed her to avoid breaking her machine and numerous needles.

 You can find Kelleigh at:

Next on my mind is a quilt for my daughter, to be joining us November 26, 2012. Talk about Thanksgiving.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Baby Girl

So, if you read my humor blog rude and rudy, you know that I am pregnant with our second child, and it's a GIRL!

I've been brainstorming on how to set up the nursery since we plan on keeping the baby in the same room with our (almost) three year old.

Here's some of what I'm hoping to use and somethings I just love. I'm falling in love with navy blue's with pops of orange and red. Right now all of the room is in white. I borrowed my sisters 13 year old crib and dresser and painted it white for our son three years ago. Well, it's quite large for the room, especially if we're going to have both the kids together. So it may be the time to retire the set that has safely seen 5 children grow, and get a smaller crib and dresser.
My inspiration for the nursery

Storage idea

My son's bed!!! 

I'm in love with these for the baby girl's bedding

Love all these colors together

So patriotic...and lovely

Want this crib

Love this pattern for a quilt
Right now, we're using another hand-me-down twin bed from my other sister, but it turned out a bit too big for the room as well. So we ordered a bed with storage that saves us precious inches.

Here's my son on his bed with his blanket and sheets that HE picked out. I didn't ask him to pick out something blue to match with the rooms or anything. He call's it his WoodyBuzz blanket and I find him dragging the comforter and the pillow into every room.

He refuses to smile for photos anymore, he likes to either grimace
or put his foot in front of his face. HIS FOOT. I don't know
why, he's three.....draw your own conclusions

I have been thinking/devising/brainstorming a nursery layout that would allow me to walk into the room without maiming myself on a corner, or tripping on furniture. So much that I measured the entire room, all the furniture I *want* for the room and the best flow patterns. I came up with about 7.  

Here's what I've landed on today.

It's an odd shaped room, with a weird entry way. The cut-outs are the other room's closets. 

Still, hopefully it's just enough for our growing family. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

3 year olds and swing sets

My son is about to be 3 years old. Approximately in a month and a half. For his third birthday we've decided he needs a playplace. Or is it called a playscape? When we were kids we called them swing sets but now they have other things.

My swing set when I was a kid was unusual. Unusual because my Father bought an actual playground swing set. Hard metal, indestructible (as things were made in those days) it had two swings with hard rubber seats (none of those flappy ones that squish your thighs) a trapeze, hanging rings, and I think parallel bars. No slide though. I think we had a cheap separate one. It was glorious.

This is what we're thinking for Jedi.

I think these can keep him busy, maybe for 15 minutes at a time. I only need one but it's between these two. 

His new playscape wont quite match up to mine when I was a child because we don't have a cow trough filled with sand as a sand box. (biggest sandbox ever), or a huge 20 acre backyard to play in complete with creek and pond and just tons of cow poop. Or 9 brothers and sisters to play with. But he does have 26 cousins that mostly live nearby. So I guess his childhood might be as cool as mine. MIGHT.