Wednesday, June 22, 2016

frosted glass

So, I had this large empty space in my kitchen. I felt like my kitchen was kind've dark. Not much natural light.

 I thought it would be neat to have one of those stained glass mirrors.

But those are around $200-$300.

So, I tried to find some other mirrors. I tried to figure any way around getting the light I wanted, but without the huge costs.

I finally gave up on finding nicely framed mirrors, and just decided to go with cheap wall mirrors. I bought a can of frost spray paint, and a few rolls of painters tape.

 I used little cut out pieces of contact paper for the diamonds. Not sure why I didn't do the same design on all of them. I couldn't decide.

After spraying the frost paint.

After mounting.

In place. They looked a bit too busy for me. But I got used to it.
It barely illuminated the space, but my husband actually liked it. So I went for it.

My frosted glass stained glass.