Monday, November 19, 2012

not quite finished

So, I'm finished with the Tutu's for this years Nutcracker. But, haven't finished a bunch of other projects because as of 6 am tomorrow, I will be in the hospital having a baby. (I hope)

Here's the round up of some stuff I started, and some stuff I didn't finish.

The cutest dress ever

the outlines of the embroidery

I finished the baby dress, but am not finished with the embroidery. I was going to outline the heart and her name, and then fill it in with satin stitch, but it looked so bad each time I started on the satin stitch I pulled it out. Now all I have is the outline, and it looks messy.

So, I'm putting it aside for now.

This upcoming project of giving birth to my daughter takes precedence.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

sewing projects

I'm suffering from pregnancy related carpal tunnel syndrome. So off and on I use wristbraces to keep the numbness and pain away. It keeps me from doing a log of stuff I'd LIKE to do. So does my sciatic nerve pain....also pregnancy related.

So instead of sewing, and crafting, and dancing and walking. I'm doing a lot of sitting and lying down and wearing wristbraces instead of the usual things I would prefer to do.

I managed a few things in the past month in spite of my general laziness.

I finished a baby dress for my baby (still not born) and finished some pillows for her crib. Mostly for my rocking chair, since she wont need them for the first 6-12 months really.

Little Lucy's ric-rac dress. When I sewed them on the fabric, it looked
much straighter. Oh well.

Pillows, for, well me. 
There's a slew of stuff I feel that I want to do but at this point lack the energy/money to go and do them.
And that's ok. Honestly, I really really like that at this point, my son can play by himself, or watch TV and for 30 minutes I can rest on the couch in-between other stuff one must do. I know I'll have much less of that when my daughter is born.

Until then.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

finishing up projects--or not

The snow tutu's on some of the dancers

6 out of 8 finished-lets hope the last two get done before my little girl is born

finished arm bands

Finished the backing for the Big Brother Quilt, most likely will wait to quilt it till
after Lucy is born. (much after) My son getting ready to walk on it......
he's such a silly dude.

Halloween witches, me and my son were very very scary witches.
Especially me with my carpal tunnel wristband and my streaky (almost)
invisible green makeup.