Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wonder Woman for kids

I had an adorable little wonder woman outfit for myself. But, the leggings just never fit right, and the shirt was too tight.

One day, my daughter had gotten a wonder girl tiara in her Mcdonald's Happy Meal. I thought, hey, why not make her a wonder woman outfit!

Me in too tight leggings and shirt for halloween.

I bought a red shirt from Walmart, then pre-washed it
by itself.

Then I found a cute Wonder Woman embroidered patch and some
heat set rhinestones in red.

I ironed the embroidered decal on, then after it cooled
I sewed around the patch. I placed the rhinestones where 
I liked them and then put down my pressing cloth
and ironed them down. 

For the leggings, I used the pattern below. It has a capri legging pattern.
I just extended the pattern to match Goose's inseam.
I'm afraid I don't have pictures of me 
cutting out her leggings from my leggings. 
But honestly, it wasn't that exciting.

Here they are finished.

I got to use my double needle stitch on them.
Why oh Why did I take so long to try a double
needle?  Then, I added a little stretch
lace in a bow to the front. So she knows
which way to put them on.

I added a little stretch lace to the hems.

So far, I haven't been able to get her to wear it. But one day I hope I can.