Sunday, October 30, 2011

Witches Broomsticks-marshmallow caramel candies

So, I have an addiction to sweets. I don't have a sweet tooth, I am a sugar mutant.

Growing up I fell in love with some caramel, marshmallow and chocolate candies they would make at this small candy shoppe in the Padre Staples Mall in Corpus Christi. I have been searching for them ever since. Nothing has ever really come close to the wondrous taste of those candies.

So, on honor of one of the many candy filled holidays we have here; namely Halloween, I tried to make some of my own for Halloween.

Here they are, Witches Broomsticks. Or caramel, marshmallow chocolate candies.

I'm a bad cook so I took pre-made caramel squares, mini marshmallows, and some dipping milk chocolate that you heat up in the microwave. I got some toothpicks and started my candy making journey. I cut the caramel squares in half, squished a mini marshmallow on top and stuck a toothpick through it. I proceeded until most of the caramels were gone. Then, I heated up the microwave chocolate, and used the toothpicks  to dip the whole thing in milk chocolate.

I'm letting them cool as we speak.

 These are my ingredients. Toothpicks, caramel squares, minimarshmallows, and microwaveable chocolate for dipping.
This is me halfway through the process.

I ate one before the chocolate cooled and it was great. Not quite what I grew up with but trying to match a memory is impossible, because as my Grandmother said, "You can't recapture a rapture."

Still, really good success for this aforementioned horrible cook.

The reason I'm calling them witches broomsticks?

Well, look at them:

Look's "kinda" like a broomstick, and witches ,well, Halloween is tomorrow. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have a bad habit of forgetting things. I'm absent minded, flighty and just a bit confused most days. I learned early on about writing lists. But then I would forget or misplace my list. So then I started writing on the back of my hand. It seemed to work. It's a habit many tried to get me to stop because it's a little childish, but so is drinking out of a water bottle, really, it's just a sippy cup for an adult. Which I desperately need because I tend to spill on myself...often.

But, on Swiss Miss today I found this..


Love it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Newest sewing project

I have taken a unplanned hiatus from sewing. Mostly because of other things getting in the way. I have had many home improvement projects going on which took most of my time and effort. Plus an little "I'm 30 and want to feel young again" project.

This is my newest sewing project which is really just a small project that folds into the "I'm 30 and want to feel young again". Actually, it's the biggest reason I'm not sewing.

I'm not sewing much because I'm dancing. In the Nutcracker, for the zillionth time. I took a long Hiatus from performing on pointe, seven years. There were always dance classes, but I stayed off pointe. There was too much pain in my achilles tendons. But this summer when I started going back to class something happened. Well, the director asked if I could dance in their Nutcracker. I'm fifteen years older and about 40 pounds heavier than the other dancers, but I wanted to get in shape and dancing all the time is a good way to do it.

So, onto more pointe shoes. I must sew the ribbons and elastics on these shoes. And then break them in, perhaps pour some glue and wax to harden the boxes in my special spots. I've got a bruised toenail and a lot of sweaty leotards. 

I'm dancing with Ballet New Braunfels, in of course, New Braunfels, Texas. Dates are December 16th at 7pm and Dec 18 at 1:30 and 7pm.

It's at the Brauntex. I'll be the old fat dancer in snow and waltz of the flowers.

Hope to see you there.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New project

I've been wanting to do a spider web quilt for some time.

So here it goes.

I first saw this quilt on Crazy Mom Quilts, and subsequently used the tutorial she used.

Here's a finished look at Amanda Jean's finished spiderweb quilt.

Amazing isn't it? I hope mine turns out as well It will be much smaller, only 5 feet by 6 feet at most. But I hope it will be as nice.