Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Project with Love

I started working on perfecting the curvy "Single Girl" Pattern. So after the first draft, I cut out four blocks of the pattern, and got to work, matching up notches, and pinning. I tried a couple methods and the pinning method worked better for me. Which is funny, since I've been doing the "make it fit" version for years and years and wondering why it never turned out well.

The four blocks fit well and proved I could use my pattern. And since it turned out so well, and I feel in love with the fabrics (all from my fabric stash) I added a little border and a heart and made it into a baby blanket.  No sense wasting a nice looking quilt just because it's only 3 feet by 3 feet.

Here it is.

I'm not one to try out patterns first when it comes to quilting. Only when it's a dress or a shirt. But then again, maybe I should going forward. Especially if my rough draft turn out as nicely as this.

 I added the hearts and appliqued them to the center. It needed a focal point. I thought about monogramming it with the baby's initials, and then chose an applique heart instead. I like it.
It's just straight stitched around most of the seams, (about 1/4' away from the seams) and it fluffs up just fine.

Hope the little girl likes it.


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