Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I finished the top for the big brother quilt.

My pants-less assistant designer. aka, the big brother this quilt is for.
Then I started on the tutu's for The Dance of the SnowFlakes, in the Nutcracker.

This was a bigger job than the Waltz of the Flowers tutu's because we are starting from scratch.

Here was my original sketch.

Not quite finished but still looking good.

Now that the first is finished, next come seven more. I have volunteers for this part, so I will be only making three more. *Whew* load off my mind. I did put together a 9 page, how to with pictures and only 20 steps to just make the bodice. I'm still working on the same how-to for the tulle skirt. I had originally wanted to add sleeves, just little wisps to add some dimension, but depends on how much time we have. I have a big deadline (my delivery of this little girl) and of course it is 4 days before the Nutcracker premieres. It's like she KNOWS.

The tulle was a big of a pain to work with. I've worked with it  before, and still I forget how well, obnoxious it is.

Anyway, luckily, it doesn't show too many issues when you layer 7 layers upon one another. I still think it needs more layers of tulle, but because after 10 yards of tulle, 8 times over can get expensive. Even if it's only $1 a yard. (on sale) I used the tulle from last years tutu's and only got half what I would have liked at the store. Still I managed to get, hmnnn, about 40 yards of tulle. It took many trips to many Hobby Lobby's since it being around Halloween, tulle has been a hot seller.

Here are the headpieces that my Mother lovingly and kindly found and donated.

Until then,