Sunday, February 18, 2018

Rainbow Baby Quilt

So I received a couple comments looking for the quilt pattern that I made for the rainbow quilt I made a year back.

My original pattern

I'm working on creating a downloadable pattern with instructions for it.

Unfortunately, my illustrator CS5 (I am too cheap to rent creative cloud every month) is crashing every-time I try to us my font palettes.

In the meantime while I figure this's what I'm working on..

If anyone knows a work around in illustrator CS5 that would stop my program from crashing it would be much appreciated.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

More fashion croquis

I haven't drawn a fashion croquis in many years. So, I am trying to re-acquire some lost skills.

Here's a bunch of photo's of my working on FASHION!

There you have it. My prismacolor markers are pretty old and dried out, but I somehow managed to finish them. I really dislike the end product but I pushed through and tried to finish. So you can see, i still need more practice.


Monday, February 5, 2018

How I draw a fashion Croquis

I've spend the past year quite busy, I've started working part time, as well as my graphics freelance work. So, even though I've done a bit of craft and design work, I haven't posted any of it.

I plan to make a large post focusing on what i've done the past year, but in the mean time, I'll show you what I'm working on now.

Drawing some fashion croquis. Croquis are little sketches, from the french Croquer, which is to sketch. In this case I'm using real pictures of models as reference, and tracing them and re-working their dimensions to fit the fashion ten head scale.

Real humans if measured using their own head as the unit of measurement, are around 7-8 heads high. Fashion illustrations are more stretched and figurative, so they've been stretched to scale 10 of their own heads tall. You can see in the above picture how I used the model as reference for her body's stance, but stretched my croquis to ten heads with more dramatic and less detailed lines.

I'm using Illustrator CS5 because I can't bear to spend so much monthly for the new Illustrator CC.

Start by tracing the silhouette and some basic features of the Model

I move the outline then start changing it to the 10 head scale.
I shrink the head, elongate the neck, tuck in the waist,
stretch the legs until its longer. 

You can do this by hand with regular print outs, or magazine pages, and using tracing paper or just a ruler and pencil to work on your own.

Hopefully, I'll finish the other 5 or so I'm working on, and then use them as my figures for when I'm illustrating.

Anyway, hope this can help some of you all.


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Rainbows and Hearts

A friend recently asked me to make a baby quilt for a friend of hers.
The theme was rainbows. Well, I have experience making rainbow quilts. That's about all I've done the past few years.

For Example:

Rainbow Quilt for Goose 2011

Rainbow Quilt 2011
The Rainbow Quilt for Goose in 2011 was the pattern I used for Rainbow 2017.

Quilt for E, 2012

Quilt for Big Girl Goose 2014

Big Brother Quilt 2011

Final Quilt. I revised the pattern, turning it into a perfect square, rather than the original rectangle. I also removed the sashes and changed the color pattern.

Pieced backing, I like pieced backings. They feel like two quilts in one. Plus, for a baby quilt,
well, they WILL get puked on. So more pattern to hide stains is a must.

Brain storming in my sketch book.

Final Colors

Final colors and pattern. Note, it changed from here to square.

Cutting and piecing

Four blocks pieced. There was so much bias edging
that I used knit stay tape. That way much less stretching
during sewing.

Fun stuff you guys. Wish I had this in

I thought a pieced heart would be cute.
But I'm glad I didn't do it. 


So close you guys

Just a little appliqué

Piecing the back. I didn't have enough fabric in a pattern
for the backing, so a pieced backing was the way to go.
Plus, this is a baby quilt, and babies puke.  Several patterns
can disguise stains.

Stretching the quilt before safety-pin basting

One thing I forgot, this quilt was mostly sewn
on bias. So it stretched a lot. 

When started to quilt, well, it would pucker a lot.

I re-sewed my appliqué about four times.

Because of the puckering that happened with my
sewing, (I used a high loft batting to make it super squishy)
I had to do some re-sewing to remove a lot of loft
from the heart circle. Which led to some weird stretching.

The backing. 

This was a fun project. I'm thinking I might make a PDF pattern available on my Etsy. So if someone wanted to make a rainbow quilt, they could.

Till next project.