Wednesday, June 22, 2016

frosted glass

So, I had this large empty space in my kitchen. I felt like my kitchen was kind've dark. Not much natural light.

 I thought it would be neat to have one of those stained glass mirrors.

But those are around $200-$300.

So, I tried to find some other mirrors. I tried to figure any way around getting the light I wanted, but without the huge costs.

I finally gave up on finding nicely framed mirrors, and just decided to go with cheap wall mirrors. I bought a can of frost spray paint, and a few rolls of painters tape.

 I used little cut out pieces of contact paper for the diamonds. Not sure why I didn't do the same design on all of them. I couldn't decide.

After spraying the frost paint.

After mounting.

In place. They looked a bit too busy for me. But I got used to it.
It barely illuminated the space, but my husband actually liked it. So I went for it.

My frosted glass stained glass.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wow, it's been awhile. Stained glass project.

The past two years I've found it very hard to blog. Maybe it was my son going to school. Or maybe it was the motivation was never there anymore. Any moments I spent were mostly being sucked into my phone complacently surfing the web. Oh my gosh, Pinterest pretty much had every spare moment not being a Mom, or doing stuff, was on my couch while my kids watched way too much T.V.

I somehow managed to do quite a lot of stuff, but never felt the need to post about it. But, today, its raining, and I've somehow exhausted the internet. So, I'm posting some thing I had just finished. Well, rather the craftsmen finished the project, I just gave it to them to do. Note to all you out there, it's ok to let a professional do the hard work. Seriously, it will be better and cheaper than trying do somethings all by yourself.

So, this stained glass had been wandering out various households.

It was originally three antique transom pieces that had been re-worked to one large piece to cover a bathroom window. The stained glass people didn't do an amazing job. There was no re-bar to support the very heavy piece and after 20 years it was sagging and falling apart. Not to mention the color choices were a bit weird. So it had been in my sisters house, then my Mother's house. After my Mom moved, there was no other place for it to go. It was in the garage and I decided I would try to use it in my bathroom window. The huge 4'x4' window was naked save for blinds that let very little light in. But alas, there was no apparently studs to hold the 50 pound piece. So, it stayed behind my dresser, mostly peeking out, and it irritated me that I couldn't use it. The colors chosen were weird, my sister said the stained glass guy she used for some reason chose blue when there was no blue in the original piece and she was a bit miffed. I researched stained glass repair and reworking and it was so complicated with a huge amount of tools I just didn't feel I could tackle it myself. I had wanted to separate the three original pieces and hang them separately. So finally after 6 months of staring, I got my butt in gear and looked for some professionals. I found a stained glass shop a few miles from me, whose sign I drive by almost daily. I never thought to actually see if they were in business until now. Well, they were. 

Whiteworth stained glass:

I called and asked if they did repair and refashioning on old stained glass. Jack, the owner said yes and I dragged the large and wobbly and falling apart piece and managed  to put it in my minivan. (Thank god for minivans ;) I drove it over, showed it to him and he was pretty surprised I was able to manage it into my van given the state of disrepair it was in. And not break it I guess. After talking it over with my Mom and my sister it looked like I could go ahead and have Jack and his team to fix it. The price was better than I was expecting for the labor. So I came up with the mock-ups of how I wanted them to look finished.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

I went with option 3, with green and white borders added new to match the green in the shields. 

In about 3 weeks, Jack gave me a call and said he had finished. 

I was thrilled, they came out beautifully.

The final resting place of these pieces was my Mothers kitchen. She had three big windows that needed a little excitement.

The added border goes perfectly with the decor in her house, and adds some excitement to her kitchen. It made a perfect mothers day gift, albeit, a few weeks after Mothers day. Thanks to all my sisters and brothers that helped pay for it, and a big thank you to Whitworth stained glass for creating it.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Finishing the rainbow quilt

I finished the rainbow quilt by sewing some simple grid patterns in to the quilt. Mostly I just stitched in the ditch (followed the seam lines) and used the backing as the binding.

Finished quilt


The above pictures were taken before I washed and dried the quilt, so it's a bit more comfy and puckered now. It usually highlights the quilting after you wash it, so you just have to imagine the grid pattern on the quilt.

I'm glad I finished this quilt. But as my Mother asks, "So what's your new project?" 

Onto the next project. Not sure if it will be a sewing hobby project, or something else. That's the great thing about hobbies. They exist only to please yourself. It's not for profit or to please anyone, just for you. There are no deadlines, and they never need to be finished unless you want to.

Friday, July 31, 2015

The latest rainbow quilt.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE RAINBOWS!!

I think they are super great. I can never decide on which colors I like so rainbows are it. My favorite color is rainbow.

Rainbow brite was super cool wasn't she? Gosh, I wanted to be her.

So wonderfully cool.
So, lately my color theory when it comes to quilting is RAINBOW. I was feeling like using some more of my fabric from the last rainbow quilts.

Picasso had a blue phase, this is my rainbow phase.

So I started brainstorming.

First brainstorm

Second brainstorm with Goose modeling her
favorite Elsa nightgown.

Another idea but I didn't like it.

Starting to like it better. I had to buy more fabric (what?)
and scrounge and sew more colored pieces to expand the quilt
size. I went on a fabric scavenger hunt all over my studio/sewing room.
There were all these large pieces of fabric I could use hidden around!
I really need to organize.

It wasn't a perfect rainbow without orange and purple,
so I added some. At Joann's my children found
fabrics of their own. Skylander and Frozen respectively
that are now some shorts.

My son decided he loved this quilt. So I measured
the size on his bed. But those navy blue ones really flared
out at me and I decided to change them.

I was finally happy with the colors. After I
completely looked thru my entire stash for more
dark blues. And I had to buy some more fabric. ;)

No onto the sashing for the border. More rainbow

And here we have the finished quilt top. It's
folded twice to show the whole thing. It's actually
the size of a twin quilt.

Finished the backing. Which I love piecing.
Not only does it save on backing fabric (old sheet
and leftover fabric from another quilt) but it's fun!

The fabric avalanche in my stash. After going
through all my fabrics looking for a bit more
that matched the quilt. Oh well.
I needed to organize anyway. Or maybe I'll just
make another rainbow quilt.
Yep, another rainbow quilt.


Well, it's quilting time.

It's been a long drought of new posts and such. That's completely my fault. I was in a very long and dusty creative block. Then, my sister had her baby. And it was QUILTIN' TIME! Thank you dear sweet Sullivan, you helped me out of my slump.

Here's some of the work I did that helped me back into the sewing creative groove.

These were leftover fabrics from another project I had done years earlier.

Another zig zag pattern? Yes I think so.

I made this design wall out of a 8'x4' piece of wall insulation foam board.
Wrapped in a piece of batting and then flannel, I never have to get on the floor to lay
out a quilt again!! Genius. It just lays agains the all, and is super lightweight.
Final idea approved my myself and my sister, and my mom.

I pieced it together, and then just did a basic stitch in the ditch to quilt it on my machine. 
Note my children's artwork and notes adorn my design wall.
I can use straight pins in it as a bulletin board as well.
I always have those around.
The backing had a little piece work in it. I rarely have enough fabric for the backing, and I love pieced backs. It's like two quilts in one!

 My dear little niece, Sullivan.
Thanks to Tery Wiemers for the
embroidery machine help.

My sister Sully is a teacher at a local high school and she helped me to get this embroidered with her name and date of birth. Big Thanks to Terry Wiemers the fashion design and sewing teacher who let me use the embroidery machine and worked it for us.

Actually I must thank Sully, without her I wouldn't have done this at all. Like I said, I was in a creative slump. Sort of. My sister was having a baby in May and was planning on name her Sullivan. So my older sister the original Sullivan, Sully to all of us, insisted we do a project together for our new baby Sully.

Sully: "Ruthie, we need to do a project for baby Sully. And by us I mean, that we brainstorm a project, and that you do it for me."

Ruth: "That definitely sounds like one of our projects."

Now Sully, is and was an artist and art teacher, and Home Ec teacher. And this was apparent even when we were children. She taught me art, and how to make taffy, and how to make candles, how to silk paint, and read me stories, and created treasure hunts and musicals that are lovingly recorded on video for all of our combined amusement and horror. For birthday presents, she would give me "gifts" that were more like projects. Like blank paper and water colors, or gave me an assignment that I would sometimes finish. Once I became a full fledged member of the BFA club, (bachelor of fine arts) we would work on projects together. And by together I mean, she would start one and I would finish it. She has been one of the most ardent supporters of EVERYTHING I do. Well, especially quilts. So after much brainstorming of ideas for little Sully, we decided to do a quilt. Mostly I decided because Sully and I couldn't agree. Maybe this was her plan all along. Hmnn, she's a mastermind older sister right?

So thanks big Sully, and little Sully, and Gracie for conspiring to help me get some fun work done.

Thanks and thanks again.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I have been trying to draw more, create more. And just get myself out of a creative rut. It's slow going. Getting the motivation to take the small few minutes I have to draw is hard. There's less time for me to do things, and when I do have free time I tend to squander it on something easy and worthless like TV. Now, TV and reading and escape is great. Sometimes you have to just veg. But I do need to keep drawing, and using illustrator and photoshop, because they are skills that you WILL LOSE if you don't use them. There is so much you forget when you stop using it. I don't want to forget. I don't know if I will ever have a job that allows me to use my creativity, or drawing or hell anything I studied in college and spend years doing professionally. But, I can't quite squash the hope that maybe, I will be able to do them again as a job. Rather than as a hobby.

So I was doodling sketching (It's totally sketching if you doodle in a sketch book isn't it?) and came up with some silly illustrations for Thanksgiving.

So, this holiday is really just about eating for me. I don't usually eat much Turkey (give me mashed potato's, bread and stuffing, and I get all sleepy after eating enough carbohydrates to prepare me for a marathon. (More like a Doctor Who Marathon....AmIright???)

I came up with some silly ideas.

Doesn't everything look better in-between laurel leaves?
So official right?

I'm not a huge fan of roast turkey. Although I love me some buttery spuds. 

Turkey Leg Wreath lying on a bed of cranberry leaves and cranberries. (with outline)

No outlines
 I'm not sure which I like best. I tend to be pretty flat with my drawings. I don't always go for outlines, but sometimes I think it makes a better impact. Also, the shadows weren't looking very good, and drop shadow just looks sooooo.....drop shadowy.  I struggle with color choice, especially when using the pantone CMYK color book. YOU  try to pick out four great colors when you have 5000 at your disposal. There's just not enough value difference, and I think it gets a bit confusing to look at.

I was going to do a chalkboard look for this one but got a bit distracted and just trashed the idea. Maybe I'll add some chalkboard effects, or not.

A little peek at the illustrator work, plus to the right are only "some" of the colors I choose from.

Yep, a bit overwhelming sometimes.

Anyway, I guess this blog and the other one (eep, been awhile since I posted on my humor one-guess I wasn't feeling too funny) will be the repository of my creative work for the near, and possibly forever future. 

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll. I'm so thankful that I have found sometime to draw again, and I'm also so very thankful I have a life that allows for such niceties as a big day set aside for gluttony and teasing your family members. It's a pretty stunning gift. My thoughts and prayers to the suffering and hurt. My thanks to those reading.