Monday, May 30, 2011

Absolutely Fabulous

No, I'm not speaking about Ab Fab, the wonderfully funny and irreverent English comedy. I'm speaking of this blogger:

Oh My goodness. If you like flowers, cut paper, and general lovelieness, go to her blog.

Especially the Ikea lamp hack.

Ikea hacking is taking something you bought at ikea, and tweaking it to fit your needs. Painting, re-finishing, cutting, adding who know's what. There's a whole website devoted it it called Ikea Hackers.

It's worth a look. Here are some pictures from Shropshire Scrappers UZ.

You will be mine.
Oh yes, you will be mine.

She also posts a tutorial on how to hack it yourself.
Here it is:

Love you All and Happy Memorial Day.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Lullaby Book-Lavender's Blue

I posted earlier this week about my lullaby book. It's an endeavor for me to illustrate some lullaby lyrics and put them in a book. I haven't decided how I will bind it yet since I'm still working on the illustrations.

I decided I really didn't like my illustration for "Lavender's Blue" so I've completely changed it.

Hope you like it.

Lavender's Blue, Illustration by Ruth Krueger
I edited some of the lyrics that I really never sing, and also, they were just strange to me. Here's the pic of the original illustration with all the lyrics. I don't feel the need to sing about threshing corn so I'll just stick to dilly dilly, and kings and queens.

Original Illustration for Lavender's Blue

I am so much happier with my most recent illustration. Yes, it looks like something out of a Greeting card, or a Hallmark Plaque, but I really like it. I guess I'm becoming corny. 

Thanks Ruth

Single girl in the batik dress quilt update

I have finished the quilt top for the "single girl in the batik dress" quilt. Which I am thinking of changing to "Devil in a blue dress". Not because it was so hard to do the curves. It was difficult at first but became a breeze quickly. But because it is just more catchy.

I plan on doing a contrast polka dot jacquard in lime green. Because it just was more fun than the other fabrics I found.

Devil in a blue Dress

Lime Jacquard, or Lime Dobby

I'm seriously considering getting it long arm quilted. I dislike quilting a large quilt on my machine. I might take some classes and rent out a long arm, or I might get a professional. Either way, I'm pleased at how it's turning out.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lullaby Book

Here's the next post on my lullaby book.

It's Lavender's Blue. Now, you and I know that lavender is more of a purple than a blue. But the song is old, and most of these lyrics make very little sense to me. I just love this song. There was a music video that Disney Merry Melodies  had made with Burl Ives singing. I never knew the words, just the first verse. So here it is.

Lavender's Blue Illustrated by Ruth Krueger

Original Sketch

To be perfectly honest I'm not sure that I like it. I liked the Blackbird lullaby illustration better. Maybe this will grow on my, or maybe I'll need to rework it. 

Who knows.....

Here's the video that I loved as a child.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Artists and Illustrators of whom I am extremely jealous

For today's little envy carnival, I have found Manuel Rebollo.

Well, first, TextureCulture found him, and then commissioned him for illustrations, and now, I would like all of you to see his work.

Manuel Rebollo

Manuel Rebollo

He has a blog that you should really visit, as well as a portfolio website.

Manuel Rebollo

Manuel Rebollo

Good Work Manuel. Super lovely work.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lullaby Book

Recently I had noticed that I have forgotten or never learned the lyrics to several lullabies. Which isn't much cause for alarm unless you need to sing one to a fussy child or irritable baby. Also, I had forgotten lullabies all together, constantly singing the same ones over and over. Which is fine for a child, but can be boring for a Mother.

So, after much improvisation I decided to search for the lyrics to some lullabies as well as some new ones that I couldn't remember whenever I wanted to sing.

I originally printed out a list of sweet lullabies, and then also, their corresponding lyrics. I printed them out and just kept them in a binder clip near the children's books in my son's room. Then, I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have them all bound in a book, so that the kids cant, rip, tear, chew and so forth without it falling apart?

That became the idea for the lullaby book. So now I've taken a number of old songs, and am slowly, very slowly adding illustration. Hopefully, when I am finished, I can print them out, laminate them, and bind them (crudely I suspect) and use it for bed time lullabies. I also can make more and give them as baby gifts. For those Mom's who at 4 am cannot remember a lullabies lyrics, or really any lullaby other than twinkle twinkle, I hope it would be useful.

Here's the first.

It's not necessarily a lullaby. But it's a favorite song of mine and is pretty easy to remember.

Blackbird by the Beatles.

Here's the finished piece. Well, finished until I decide to change it.

Blackbird by the Beatles, Illustration by Ruth Krueger
This was illustrated in Illustrator CS5. I'm not sure if I like the layout of the text. But tweaking is part of the process. Next maybe I'll start on Lavenders Blue.

Original Sketch

I hope to finish it soon, as my sister in law is having a baby in July. Eek. Time constraints....always a nice kick in the rear.


Monday, May 16, 2011

New Quilt, Single girl in a batik dress

Here is my latest quilt that I've been working on.

It's based on the Denyse Schmidt quilt pattern "Single Girl". I'm calling mine 'Single girl in a batik dress."

I don't have a dedicated sewing room, or a design wall, so it goes on the floor in the living room. But, I'm proud of myself for doing curves. It's not something I ever 'choose' to do. 

In the mean time, I found this incredible resource. It's called Yale Digital. The Yale Library is digitizing art, prints and pictures in a searchable index. So, say, if you need a picture of something, take a look there. It might be a bit better quality than say google images. Or not. But I believe the only place they would be is in the database, I think* that the art they are digitizing belongs to Yale.

Here's a fun idea, just plug in a word and see what they have. They are still in the process of taking pictures and what not so not everything in the world is there. But, it's a nice search into what Yale has and it's nice that they are willing to share it.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Superhero alphabet

While perusing through Design Milk, I found this incredible print.

Superhero Alphabet

A is for Aquaman, C is for Cyclops. N is for Nightcrawler. I just LOVE it. I need to get this for my son's room. His 2 year birthday is coming up.


I must have it.


Monday, May 9, 2011

New Robot Pajamas

I just finished some pajamas for my little guy. I found this very loud, very fun fabric at Hobby Lobby and since I am enamored with Robots, and his room is decorated in that theme, I decided to make him some pajamas. PJ's can be really loud right?

So I finished them and he wore them last night.

So sad....Soooo Sad.

Ok, things are better.

So, it seems that the color scheme is a bit........arresting visually. He looks like he's a clown doctor.  He's wearing clown robot pajamas. They are much louder than his whines, or screams, or laughs. Somehow these pajamas are louder than the tantrums of a almost two year old who hates putting on pajamas. Especially ones with buttons. 

I used a Simplicity pattern, and decided to forgo the collar. I did add a decorative button placket out of the striped material from his pants as well as a pocket. For when he needs to carry stuff around with him...I guess.

Maybe i'll stick to store-bought pajamas from now on. 


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Style Schematic

My Good friend Nikki just migrated her blog to a new wordpress site.

Style Schematic

You should go there. Right now there is a superb posting about fabulous amazing custom wigs.
I am salivating. We wore a lot of wigs in college, and these would just about be the most wonderful wigs in the history of fake hair.

Make sure to visit the etsy seller, Sweet Hayseed.

Until then. Here are some cool pictures from a photographer and wedding planner Milkweed, they do eco wedding flowers.