Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Re-write and Donate to Dylan

Hi Guys,
I was looking through some blogs, and found out I was wrong in attributing Anna Maria Horner's blog as Oh Fransson!. It is actually: Now I think you should go to both blogs as they are both great and super inspirational.

Here's the quilt I had made, based on Anna Maria Horner's "Sixth time's the charm" quilt. It's going to be raffled off on April 15th. So make sure to put your money in to help out little Dylan.

Dylan is battling Lieukemia, he's only three years old. Let's donate to help him and his family. And if you donate $10.00 you can win this quilt!!!!
Here's how you donate:

Raffle Tickets are $10 for 1 ticket, and $50 for 6 tickets.
It is benefiting Dylan Branson, a super cute kid with an adorable mohawk and I immediately love him.

Drawing will be held on April 15th at 12pm.

Mail raffle money to :
Attn: Kendra Wray
Mickey Ferrell, Realtors
8610 FM 725
McQueeney, TX 78123

Make checks payable to Lori Branson and make sure to leave your contact info so we can get ahold of you if you win.

If you want to annoy Kendra, please do by calling her at
or email her at
If you want to, (and I'm sure you do) post this jpeg in your blog, or in your facebook or email it to your friends with $10 of disposable income.

You can also donate to Kendra's paypal, to do so, go to and she will direct you. All proceeds will go to Dylan and his family.

 "Lines meet in the middle"

I know there's a lot of people out there in Japan, and Haiti and Africa who you would like to help. But here's a boy who's right here, and he could use some too. So let's try to help those we are far and near.

I know I'm going to donate as well.


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