Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quilts and the eternal fabric stash-baby quilts

Here's a look at what I've been doing lately.
You could call it a woobie, a lovely, a baba, or just a blanket. It's a small little piece of cloth used to comfort a child. AKA, it's a security blanket.

This is a small little blanket, about 2 x3 feet. It's not very big, but it's supposed to be small. It's going to a baby. This little baby might want a little something to carry around when she gets older, and here's the little something. My son has a soft fleece blanket that he needs to carry at times, and he calls it his "Baba." Her "Baba" is pieced fabric on one side, and super soft on the other, bound with satin and quilted. I think she'll like it. And when she gets older, she can use it to cuddle her dolls in.

Next, for her own warmth.
This quilt, and the baba were both made from scraps from the "lines meet in the middle" quilt, (that is going to be raffled off to help support a young child diagnosed with cancer.) I was able to make three quilts from the scraps that I had. I like this kind of recycling.

 Here's her gift. She is due to be born later this year. So, she'll have to wait. But, hopefully, she'll like it.

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