Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hard work

I was perusing one of my favorite blogs: and found this for the first post:


It's a piece by Brent Couchman and I heartily agree.  Good work takes hard work. I tend to take on projects if they interest me and often times underestimate how much work they will be and how much work I want to do. This lack of accounting sometimes ends with a messy or unfinished product but sometimes it ends with a reworking of the project or idea to fit the time constraints and maybe ends up with a better finished project. Once in a while my old product manager (when I designed jewelry) would tell me that I would over design stuff. Add too much detail, too much extra stuff. And I had to distill it down to a more workable design. It's a good thought. I find that less 'can' be more once in a while.

And I also find, that it's harder than you think to get started, and easier to finish when you have specific time constraints. Like in my case, nap-time. I generally don't work while my little one is awake. I just cannot ignore him for very long. He simply wont allow it. So when I want to get something done without distraction I have about two hours a day in which to do it. You really become better at time management when forced with a small window.

Good work is hard to accomplish. I accomplish less good caliber work than I sometimes think I should in a matter of time. But, one great project is better than several mediocre project. Granted, you (or maybe it's just me), have to work thru a bunch of mediocre projects sometimes to get to the great one.

Anyone else have that issue?

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