Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lego Round-up

Look what crazy awesome Lego themed products are out there. My little son is loving the large lego blocks, and I can imagine that these super cool lego products would keep me entertained as well...

 I can't imagine walking in these. I made a pair of 'embellished' shoes in college. I used lots of hot glue, lots of red rhinestones and made myself some Red Ruby Combat Boots. I was Dorothy for Halloween.
I really want one of these toy boxes for Jed.I. It would look a lot cooler than the overflowing clear plastic tub wouldn't it?

I just don't know how this would work. But I want to try. Can you imagine a Lego Graphing Calculator?

I just found out that I'm not eligible for an upgrade on Verizon. My phone died in December so I had to get a new one. That means I am going without the Iphone for a little bit (1.5 years) longer. So perhaps I'll have to pretend with this lego facsimile. LEGO Iphone on the left if you're unsure. ;)

We just got our Son the lego light up keychain on the right. He loves it. Also, my husband and I love it too. Maybe we love it more.....not sure at this point.

Usb thumb drives at Amazon. Gee, Legos really make me happy. They almost look as if they're smiling don't they?

<3 Ruthie

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