Monday, May 9, 2011

New Robot Pajamas

I just finished some pajamas for my little guy. I found this very loud, very fun fabric at Hobby Lobby and since I am enamored with Robots, and his room is decorated in that theme, I decided to make him some pajamas. PJ's can be really loud right?

So I finished them and he wore them last night.

So sad....Soooo Sad.

Ok, things are better.

So, it seems that the color scheme is a bit........arresting visually. He looks like he's a clown doctor.  He's wearing clown robot pajamas. They are much louder than his whines, or screams, or laughs. Somehow these pajamas are louder than the tantrums of a almost two year old who hates putting on pajamas. Especially ones with buttons. 

I used a Simplicity pattern, and decided to forgo the collar. I did add a decorative button placket out of the striped material from his pants as well as a pocket. For when he needs to carry stuff around with him...I guess.

Maybe i'll stick to store-bought pajamas from now on. 


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  1. Awesome job! He looks adorable. Love the striped placket.