Friday, May 27, 2011

Lullaby Book-Lavender's Blue

I posted earlier this week about my lullaby book. It's an endeavor for me to illustrate some lullaby lyrics and put them in a book. I haven't decided how I will bind it yet since I'm still working on the illustrations.

I decided I really didn't like my illustration for "Lavender's Blue" so I've completely changed it.

Hope you like it.

Lavender's Blue, Illustration by Ruth Krueger
I edited some of the lyrics that I really never sing, and also, they were just strange to me. Here's the pic of the original illustration with all the lyrics. I don't feel the need to sing about threshing corn so I'll just stick to dilly dilly, and kings and queens.

Original Illustration for Lavender's Blue

I am so much happier with my most recent illustration. Yes, it looks like something out of a Greeting card, or a Hallmark Plaque, but I really like it. I guess I'm becoming corny. 

Thanks Ruth

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