Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Header

If you have noticed, I have updated my header. It went from being this:

To what you see above. If you are wondering why it only has six girls instead of the eight as my title would suggest well here's the deal: there are seven daughters. I am the eighth child. I have always identified myself as the eighth child, but also one of the many daughters. Instead of choosing to call myself the fifth daughter, or the eighth child, I went with something I liked best. I'm a writer I can do those things.

Why still only six and not seven? Well then, the first child and the first daughter is taking the picture. On that particular day I was bout 7 or 8, and my sisters and I (mostly my older sisters) made candy lollipops from candy apple candy. That's repetitive but it's exactly what it is.

We were all outside for I don't know what reason and my sisters was taking photography in college so we were her most readily available and free favorite subjects. We were all (except my sister the photographer) standing in a line of age, oldest to youngest eating our lollipops and my sister took the picture. I guess to see the difference in all our heights, or the length of our hair, or what have you.

I remember that day well. 

Here's the real pic as sent to me by the original photographer, the first child and first daughter, Julie. My big sister.

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