Monday, January 2, 2017

Needle Point Design

My sister had asked me to use some Polish Folk Art and come 
up with a needle point design for my Mom, for her Christmas gift.

Below is the finished art.
 This was the black and white drawing, before I colored it.

The inspirations
 So gloriously colorful!! These make me so happy.

 Love love.
 I was sketching out on regular printer paper. I was planning on drawing half, and then flipping the mirror image in photoshop.
There you have it.

 It was hard to find the right colors to use. I didn't want to use the exact coloring that was on the original art. But I wanted it to look similar.
I like it. It's not QUITE what I was hoping for, but then again,
it never is.

In progress.

Inked the half sketch.

The finished paper with colors, and then the
inked needle point scrim underneath. I bought needle point scrim
from Joann's, then just sewed some binding on the the unfinished edges, and printed out the sketch at 14"x14".  She likes to turn her needle-point's into pillows, so I made it just a bit smaller than the pillow form. 
I didn't color in the scrim, I just colored the paper poster, and will let her pick her own colors. 

Now, my sister had mentioned that I hadn't made her a watercolor painting. I was doing some paintings last year but stopped because I wasn't happy with the way they turned out. 

So, I picked out my favorite piece of art that she gave me. And did a small watercolor painting of it. 

There you go.


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  1. It seems to me your sister is kind of needy. You do beautiful work and your mother can needlepoint like no other! Happy New Year!