Thursday, October 6, 2016

Inktober 2016 10/6/2016

So, I started InkTober on October 4. A whole 4 days past the start. It takes awhile to get up motivation sometimes.

I tried to go back and do prompt's 1-3.

Prompt 1: Fast

#InkTober 2016, Fast

Prompt 2: Noisy

#InkTober 2016, Noisy

Prompt 3: Collect

#InkTober 2016, Collect

Prompt 4: Hungry

#InkTober 2016, Hungry

Of course, I'm still behind because it's October 6th. And I haven't started on 5. Sad or Prompt 6: Hidden.

Maybe I'll just start from Prompt 7. Since I finished three today. I mean, so I have less than 31 drawings. Meh. It's ok with me.


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