Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Superhero Aprons

My sister earlier this summer asked me about some cute apron ideas for her cooking class. She teaches Family and Consumer Sciences at a high school. She had quite a few old and ripped old aprons she thought we could up-cycle and repair for some neat ones. I found just thousands of cool ideas on Pinterest.

Like these:

The superhero aprons from a designer called Bethanysewandsew.com


Originally on Etsy, but cannot find the original link.
This next is from a website called so-sew-easy.

Here are what I came up with.

Black Widow, you can see my sketches on the upper right.

Superman, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, and Batman.
I used regular pre-made aprons, and used a bunch of bias tape, and wonder under, and then satin stitched applique´ around the wunder-under'ed pieces. I painted on some parts, like the wonder woman stars and the black widows silver belt.

My sister really liked the designs and I hope her students do as well.

Toodles, Ruth

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