Monday, September 26, 2016

Mermaid Skirts

The finished Mermaid Skirt front.

The finished Mermaid Skirt back.

Goose with her Mermaid Dress

Goose and my Nieces.

My daughter Goose loves Mermaids. SHE LOVES THEM!! She's three and knows almost all the words to "Part of your world." I had some ruffled fabric that I had bought and only tried to sew on "ONCE". Because it was a mess to sew. It's this stuff.

 Ruffled fabric by the yard.
Ruffled fabric by the yard. 
While looking for mermaid tails and blankets on Pinterest. (I know;}) i found this really cool pin.
Mermaid Skirt by The Girl Inspired

I did my best to follow her instructions but messed up....a lot. I realized how much I didn't know about knits. About my serger, About everything!!! Good lord if I only had read the dang sewing machine directions I would have avoided so much stress and frustration!!!

So, after a lot of trial and error, a few ball point needles and what felt LIKE HOURS on my serger. I made one. And it was awful!!. Tucks everywhere, the size was only tiny.  TO small for Goose. I had to completely removed the ruffled fabric and just go with the blue knit. Which was a cheap jersey that split and laddered constantly. So.....

The first had to go to my littlest niece, S. It wouldn't fit my goose. 

Happiest Mermaid in the World!!

Armed with the experience of my miserable first draft , I started again. Determined to make more for my other nieces. And another for Goose.
One day, I'll have a cutting table. One day....

I had to add some ruffled fabric, but not much.

They loved them. I loved them. So much mermaid fun.

I think I might make day. Maybe later on in the future. When I can forget how frustrating it was with the first one.


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