Saturday, August 24, 2013

butterflies and hole in the barn door quilts

My little sister will be having her second child, a daughter, on tuesday. So, in prepartion for said little girl, I made her a quilt. My sis wanted to do pink, and butterflies.

So pink and butterflies she will have.

Bad lighting I know

I turned out well. I just hope it wears well. I appliquéd the butterflies on after I wonder-undered them onto the white background. 

I usually use a zigzag stitch compressed to make a nice satin appliqué border, but it stretched so badly that I tried a blanket stitch.

Then after the butterfly quilt, I other sister, let me know she had an old quilt top she had inherited for an aunt. It had been sitting in her attic for years. She asked if I could finish it, get it long arm quilted, and bound. Well, sure. I KNEW people who could finish it.

I went to the Quilt Haus to look for backing and who should be there? Kelleigh of Kell's Quilting. I grabbed some back and white gingham, and handed it all to Kelleigh, and told her let me know when it's finished. 

When I had researched the quilt pattern Google images identified it as a Hole in the Barn door pattern. I chose a black thread, all over feather meander pattern. I turned out beautifully. The binding I did myself, with mitred corners and it's a God-awful mess. MY part was messy, Kelleigh's was lovely.

Here's my sister Sully with her Attic Quilt (Hole in the Barn Door) and my son, (who must be in all the pictures.

When I had first inspected the quilt I noticed it has been a labor of love for some years. Some of it was hand pieced, some of it machine pieced, and the fabrics spanned 20 years at least.

Next on the menu, more tutu's.


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