Tuesday, November 6, 2012

sewing projects

I'm suffering from pregnancy related carpal tunnel syndrome. So off and on I use wristbraces to keep the numbness and pain away. It keeps me from doing a log of stuff I'd LIKE to do. So does my sciatic nerve pain....also pregnancy related.

So instead of sewing, and crafting, and dancing and walking. I'm doing a lot of sitting and lying down and wearing wristbraces instead of the usual things I would prefer to do.

I managed a few things in the past month in spite of my general laziness.

I finished a baby dress for my baby (still not born) and finished some pillows for her crib. Mostly for my rocking chair, since she wont need them for the first 6-12 months really.

Little Lucy's ric-rac dress. When I sewed them on the fabric, it looked
much straighter. Oh well.

Pillows, for, well me. 
There's a slew of stuff I feel that I want to do but at this point lack the energy/money to go and do them.
And that's ok. Honestly, I really really like that at this point, my son can play by himself, or watch TV and for 30 minutes I can rest on the couch in-between other stuff one must do. I know I'll have much less of that when my daughter is born.

Until then.


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