Monday, November 19, 2012

not quite finished

So, I'm finished with the Tutu's for this years Nutcracker. But, haven't finished a bunch of other projects because as of 6 am tomorrow, I will be in the hospital having a baby. (I hope)

Here's the round up of some stuff I started, and some stuff I didn't finish.

The cutest dress ever

the outlines of the embroidery

I finished the baby dress, but am not finished with the embroidery. I was going to outline the heart and her name, and then fill it in with satin stitch, but it looked so bad each time I started on the satin stitch I pulled it out. Now all I have is the outline, and it looks messy.

So, I'm putting it aside for now.

This upcoming project of giving birth to my daughter takes precedence.


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