Saturday, September 8, 2012

Big Brother Quilt

Now that I finished my daughter's "Care Bear Quilt" I have some fabric left over, actually, I have lot's of fabric. About 3/4 a yard of each color. So I decided I HAD TO make my son a big brother quilt.

Here's the mock up.

I'm also trying to get my little corner of the garage into a more comfortable sewing room, and get other things done that involve that area. It gets hot in there, so we had removed a door and shoved a window unit into a cheap hollow door and patched it up. Well, it cooled pretty well, but the door was molding and rotting because of the rain that was diverted by the window unit. So we removed the ac unit, put it in our room, which was getting way too warm due to our failing HVAC and now I sleep in an ice cave and it's wonderful. But we got an in-room air conditioner for the garage since we don't have any windows. We put the original french door back and I got so much more LIGHT, and conversely, so much more heat. We'll see how this new arrangement works out. I wont be doing much sewing when my little girl is born, and she'll be born this fall so it will be cooler anyway. So, until then, many fans, and my ac will hum while I sew. And I'll just make sure I only sew when it's early morning or late night, when it's cooler naturally, and just never ever have the dryer working while I'm in there. I feel pretty blessed when I look back on all the years I had a sewing room (or nook) in the house. Once I went off to college I made sure of it. My roommate and I were both fashion majors so we just set up shop in the dining rooms of the very old historic homes we rented next to our campus. When I got married, we tried hiding it in nooks and finally just getting a house with an extra room just for my sewing room. When we moved here, it was just supposed to be temporary, 6 month at most. It's lasted much longer than that and I've just adjusted to having a much warmer sewing room than I had in the past. 

In the meantime though, my husband doesn't have to listen to it make so much noise when he's trying to watch tv or sleep.

So, you give and you take.

I'll post again when I have gotten further.


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