Thursday, September 20, 2012

Big brother quilt and tutu's

I've gotten all the pieces of the big brother quilt cut, now onto the piecing.

I haven't laid it all out yet, just trying out the rainbow effect so far. I'm actually hurdling through another project.

I'm re-making tutu's for Ballet New Braunfels' production of The Nutcracker.

I was in the Nutcracker last year, as a snowflake and a flower. This year, what with me being pregnant and delivering my daughter a couple days before the show, I wasn't up to performing.

So I took on a helping roll. I knew the costumes needed some help. I had worn them last year. They were recital costumes so not a lot of thought or care was put into their creation. So, I began jazzing up the flower costumes which were in better shape than the snow, and starting from scratch on the snow costumes.

It's a big project, especially since my sewing machine broke and is a the mechanic for the next two weeks. I hope for lots of volunteers from the parents to help.

This is what we started with for Flowers costumes.

Not bad, just not very WOW.

With a little rick rack and glitter, they are more fun to look at .

While working at my Mom's since her sewing machine still works.
Wish me luck you guys.


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  1. Good luck with the tutus! They look fantastic!

    Also, your gray and black zigzags on the tan floor gave me an idea for a quilt. Remind me to tell ya about it soon so you can give me pointers on how to assemble it.