Monday, August 13, 2012

Poppy's Quilt

Update: 8:41 pm
I finished the mock up of the quilt.

I really like it. It's looks a little Care Bear, but hey, I like care bears.

So, I finally bit the bullet (such a curious expression) and bought fabric for Poppy's Quilt.

Here's the crib we got her:

This was a great find, Baby Modena at

Her crib is sitting in a box in our garage right now. I'm waiting until my husband has a day off so we can put it together. It only takes one person to put it together, but another to keep my three year old entertained so as to not "help" us into oblivion.

I found the inspiration for her quilt.

Here are the fabrics I picked out. I had originally wanted red and navy, but decided to go rainbow.

I'm so excited about these. I'm working on the quilt pattern right now!!!

Here's another tidbit I found I think may go in to her room.


I'm trying not to be too stiff when it comes to things for her/our son's room. It's ok if they all don't match some master color scheme or plan. It's ok if my son would prefer ToyStory sheets and blanket from Target as opposed to a handmade quilt.
I get so inspired from all the masterfully decorated nurseries I see out there. (I'm looking at you pinterest) but again. It's a room. A place to live.... and I must remind myself that over and over again. So it's not quite amazing, or perfect or even matching. 

It's just a room....not a museum.


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