Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Poppy's quilt

So I have started on Baby Poppy's quilt. Here's the end result.

My final layout. I am in love. 

Here's how I started.
The pattern- to be repeated 3 more times in mirror image.

The first layout- the navy really throws off the colors and is too dark  so....

I found a new blue to fit better within the color scheme.

My pattern weights during cutting and marking

My final layout. I am in love. 
Mu intention is to have 3/4" ivory sashing pieced inbetween the triangles, not to applique. The only applique will be the heart in the center.

Here's the mock-up I worked from.

Now, after this is a thousand more things I want to do for her and my son.

But, first things first, MUST FINISH QUILT.


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