Friday, July 27, 2012

Spiderweb quilt finished!!

So, after many many (10 or so) months of stalling and stopping and finally finding motivation....
I  finished the spiderweb quilt.

I'm so glad my neighbors are so friendly and let me use their fence to photograph
the quilts I make.

Instagram fun

Picnic anyone?

A little piecing in the back is my favorite thing.

Onto the recipient, my sister Laura who's been asking for a quilt
for years now.
I had originally found the tutorial from CrazyMomQuilts blogspot. But instead of paper piecing, or sewing onto a small kite shaped piece of fabric, I used a muslin triangle, and just sewed on top of it until I was finished. That way I don't have to pull off paper, and I've got a perfect triangle and built in stabilizer. The quilt was heavier that way, and because of all the piecing and the under layer it was a bear to quilt through. My long arm quilter Kelliegh called me and told me the 12 layers of fabric at the thickest point was too much to fit under her presser foot on her long arm machine, and we decided on a lazy stipple for the pattern as opposed to a pantagram. And I love it, it's not too overwhelming for such a busy quilt and it allowed her to avoid breaking her machine and numerous needles.

 You can find Kelleigh at:

Next on my mind is a quilt for my daughter, to be joining us November 26, 2012. Talk about Thanksgiving.


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