Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Update on the Crown Royal Project

I have made some more things out of the crown royal bags.

Here they are:

1. The crown royal blouse. My sister in law wanted a shirt and I was a little hesitant at sewing together tons of bags and making a patchwork shirt. It seems like a lot of work and well flannel isn't really suited to a blouse. So I fooled around on my old dress form and came up with this. It doesn't look patchwork (except for the dye lots not matching) and there aren't too many Crown Royal logos making things look busy. I'm quite pleased. Now what to do with the three blouse patterns I already bought?

Crown royal blouse

Side View
I had originally planned on having a zipper on the side, but added some grommets and gold braid to add to the flair. This shirt took about 6 -8 bags worth of fabric, cut apart, pieced, stretched etc. I tried to use the original overlock seam, as well as the original drawstring placket. It was a PAIN to work on a very pilly stretchy flannel and try to match up pre-existing hem lines. It was definitely a project. I was able to use the original grommets on the top seam for a strap and hallelujah it worked. 

A bit of an issue with matching up the existing overlock seams. Whoops
I didn't use the original braided rope drawstring that came in the bags because to cut apart the bags to make the pieces I had to cut them.  I hope my sister in law likes it. It's a bit of a bear to put on, but maybe that's just because my dress form doesn't bend or stretch much.

Next on the agenda: 

2.Golf Towels

I had no idea what these were but Kendra (sister in law who acquired all these bag) wanted to try to make some masculine things out of them. I researched them and they are just towels with grommets on them to hang on a golf bag. 

Here was my first attempt.

Well THAT was disappointing.

It ended up looking like a badly made diaper. So, with all the stretching and what not I scrapped this particular idea and came up with another one. 

Much improved

This looks better, and instead of making folded over seams, I just faked my own gold overlock edge by mixing some yellow and gold threads together. It still stretches and looks somewhat messy, but much less messy than the first. I do hate when my sewing looks "home-made". 

Then came one of my ideas:

3. Headband. 

Work out clothes and no makeup, and frizzy hair,
the embodiment of  SEXY, thats me.

You will have to forgive the bad picture. I had no one else to model and as this was late at night and I decided not to put on make-up or fix my hair. I know, I have no neck. Just look at the headband. 
Pretty easy to put together. I may need to make more of these.

Next I'd like to make a i-pad cover, an apron, some slippers, and perhaps a bandanna. But, alas, my quilt project is yelling at me telling me to finish it. So I think today, while my son is at Mothers day out I will sew on it.



  1. Hi there.
    I was browsing Google, looking for insiration to make a cocktail dress out of Crown Royal bags (my boyfriend has owned and managed several bars and has TONS OF THEM), and I came across your site.
    Do you mind if I use your blouse as inspiration to draw up a pattern? You will get Kudos, of course.

  2. Hi CyndyLee,
    That's fine. Hope your dress turns out awesome.