Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spiderweb quilt---almost there

I have finished the front and back of the spiderweb quilt. Next, quilting time. Not sure if I'm willing to quilt this myself, or will have it done by a long arm quilter. I usually only quilt the small ones myself. My machine isn't really set up for anything bigger. And, the long arm quilting is usually so much nicer and more neat.

Decisions Decisions.

Notice the sippy cup and my son's foot in the right corner. He's my helper
(well he thinks he's helping)

The backing.

Forgive me for the poor pictures. I'm not a photographer. I just take these pictures in my living room with my phone. I don't correct the lighting, or find a nice backdrop or anything. At times I feel very sloppy in contrast to my other bloggers who have beautifully styled photographs, but, meh, I'm lazy. I don't have anywhere to take these photographs. On nice days I'll take the quilt outside and take a pic under some tree's or something, but space is at a premium in my house. One of these days I'll learn how to take good pictures. Or I won't. Not really sure how that will pan out really. 

I'll post another (probably sloppy) picture when this whole spiderweb quilt is finished. Until then, back to the crown royal recycling project. Next in line, purse, ipad cover, slippers and pajama bottoms made from crown royal bags. Lord know's I have enough to make a couple parachutes if I wanted to.


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