Monday, November 7, 2011

Painting the Door

11/10 update

So I painted the door today!!

It's BLUE. It was supposed to be Navy, and that is the color of spray paint I bought, but somehow, it is a much more vibrant cadet blue. No's all done now and I like it. I probably should have used a gloss instead of a flat but lesson learned. I like it. The seat cushions on my rocking chairs are a bit too blue now. But, easily remedied, because I can always take them off or match them to my door!!

ps. I did paint my bench seat and the window alcove. Still smells like paint but it's nicer, much nicer.

Lately I've been in a painting mood. It started when I was considering painting the bench seat at my window because it is in horrible shape. It looks like it has mold acne. So while thinking about paint I thought about my front door. It's a metal storm door, with molded panels and and little arch cut out window. I think it needs some sprucing up.

Here it is.

Here are some inspiration photos I found.

I think I'm veering towards the navy blue. What do you think?

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