Wednesday, June 8, 2011

lullaby Book-Over the Rainbow

The latest installment of the Lullaby Book-Somewhere over the Rainbow.

I hope you like it.

Over the Rainbow, Illustration by Ruth Krueger
 Here's the original sketch. I had tried to color in the flowers individually, but the file became so large it was unwieldy. So, it became just outlines of flowers in the rainbow and it's just as good. I hope.
Original Sketch

I am hoping to get one of these done a week until I finish them all. Not all the lullaby's ever, but all I have on my list. I think I have 5 or 7 more. I feel a bit insane for taking on this project while I have many many other important (to me) projects. So you will have to forgive me if for a couple weeks I go without posting another lullaby illustration. It might take a back seat to the other more deadline oriented things I have going on, like taking classes, or finishing sewing projects. I do really want to finish this project, for Danny. My little guy. So if you see me lagging behind, make sure to comment on it. I like incentive!!


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  1. ps. this is my mother's favorite childhood movie, and I dedicate this illustration to her and my sister, who I want to dream of rainbows again.