Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lullaby Book-Hush Little Baby

Update: 6/6/11
Here is the revised version of Hush Little Baby. I think I like this version, where the goat is white and the Mockingbird is grey.

Here is the next installment of the Lullaby Book.
Featuring, "Hush Little Baby".

I never remembered the words to this lullaby, or rather even knew them past the first two verses. I started on this illustration yesterday and hated it immediately. So today in-between dropping of the quilt at the long arm quilters and lunch I finally worked out a sketch I liked, and finished it after putting the little guy to bed.

Here it is. It's much more subdued color wise as opposed to the last one but all the bright colors just weren't working for me.

Hush Little Baby, Illustration by Ruth Krueger

I'm starting to wonder if I should have made the billy-goat white.

Original Sketch
After a very unhappy first draft, I added the rest of the contents of the song: a looking glass, and a cart and bull. I'm happier with the final than with the first. I also perched the billy-goat differently. 

What do ya'll think?


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