Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paint Chip Art-Pinterest

We've all established that I needed to paint a wall in my living room, behind the starburst mirror I made. But I could never decide on a color.

Well, I finally decided,  all of them.

My starburst wall with all the color behind it.

I found some great stuff on Pinterest as inspiration.

I had wanted to avoid painting the wall altogether when I decided I didn't like any of my ideas that I mentioned earlier in my blog. So, I dragged myself to Home Depot, took as many paint chips as I could. I felt strange as though I shouldn't, even though they are free. One of the paint guys came up to me and showed me that they had a little folder with 1/2"x1/2 swatches. And I told him I needed something bigger. I then asked if that was alright. He said that was what they were there for. So I felt better taking so many. I left many as well so it's not that they were out of paint chips after I left.

The paint swatches I took were from Behr. I loved them because they were 3" x7" and that's just perfect. The bigger the swatches the more color on my wall.

I brought them all home and tried to keep them in the same order they were in on the paint swatch wall.

Laying out the order

final panel of greys

After I figured out the size of my wall panel I cut out some contact paper and peeled it back one line of swatches at a time and stuck them on. I then followed the same procedure with the rest of the colors . I had originally thought I would use all the colors, red, oranges blue, green, the whole rainbow. But I began to have more swatches than I could carry so I kept it in the cool spectrum.

I had originally thought to put it vertically behind the starburst, but changed my mind after laying it out on the floor.

After that, I just pinned up the contact paper/paint chip panels on the wall with thumb tacks.

My only regret is that I didn't center it evenly on the wall.  It's off  by a few inches, but, I just don't feel like taking it down yet.

I'm pretty pleased with it. My husband even told me that it "looked cool". Of course, from him he could be pulling my leg.


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