Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Nook Cover

Last year I and my brothers and sisters got our Mother a Nook. She is an avid reader. Many of us are bookworms as well. I had borrowed it for a trip and before I went (because I drop things a lot) I looked for a cover to protect it. I never found one I liked (I only went to Walmart) and they were all too expensive. So I did what every weirdo person does...I made my own with things I had already.

Here it is.

I had this fabric in my stash. They were curtains that I had turned into a slipcover for a love-seat and then abandoned when I had gotten bored with it.

Aren't you glad someone invented Velcro? It's just super.

The nook cover is stabilized with thick fusible interfacing. It's normally for crafts or for sturdy purses, so it fitted my project perfectly. It's just fabric, bias tape, some rick rack, 1/4" elastic, 3/4" velcro, and some thread and interfacing. The bias tape stretched, which isn't surprising since that's it's purpose, and the zig zag stitching didn't turn out beautifully in contrast on the rick rack, but all in all, I was pleased and it functions perfectly.


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