Sunday, September 18, 2011

Help me critique this...

I have finished all the illustrations for my Lullaby Book but some of them really need work.

Let me show you the ones that are great, in my opinion.

These next ones are the ones that I think need help.

So...HELP me. Give me some constructive criticism about the layout, the copy, the whatever. I'd appreciate it. Somehow these next ones feel meh...lackluster, like they are missing something.

Let me know what YOU think it is..

Any help is greatly appreciated.



  1. #1. The baby is missing and there's a moon in the cradle. Maybe the background behind the words should be shades of yellow.

    #2. You fixed the cross-eyed owls, but now they appear to be cats coming out of a paper bag. Just the little one. I can offer no suggestions.

    #3. The water needs dimension to it. Looks like an extension of the lawn above it.

    You are correct. The first ones are beautiful!!! Any mother would want this book for their baby! You're brilliant!

  2. I really want to buy this book when it's done, Ruth. What an amazing idea. I know my Amelie would adore it.

    1# I agree that there should be a baby in the cradle drifting to sleep and maybe even add more sunset looking colors to the background instead of just a solid color. (Kind of like #3 has already!)
    #2. I am thinking a friendlier face on the owl and perhaps just one big Mama owl. One that makes a child want to stare at it for a while are so talented! I would still buy it even if you didn't change a thing...these are just minuscule ideas