Friday, February 25, 2011

Mood Board Project

I've been taking a look at mood boards put together by other style and design bloggers. Well I tried my hand at it. I had done quite a lot of mood and trend boards for my last jobs. But the ones on the blogs were a bit different than what I had done.

You can take a look at my portfolio if you care to see my old work. There's new work there too.

Here's a look at some style or mood-boards some other bloggers had created. Here's one by Joy Cho of Oh Joy blog.

Go here for the link to Oh Joy, a wonderful blog I adore. I like the idea of putting together a little vignette of neato stuff that you like and inspires you. So I took a page out of Joy's book and tried my hand at it.

Well, for the past months or so I have been lusting after a trench coat and some lovely cherry red rubber rain boots. This is because I had to go out into the rain to watch my husband run the Tough Mudder. A race for 10 miles with 14 obstacles in the rain. It took place in the country on a dirt-bike track. So, rain boots and rain jacket were kind've necessities. I didn't end up buying anything new, I just borrowed from others. But recently I've seen so many things that would have been perfect for that rainy day in the mud watching my better half run a crazy race benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project. (I know I'm hardly trendy right now, I looked for this stuff and found I was years behind the fashionistas. Well I no longer have access to WGSN so I will pretend that I'm not so late.)

Here's what I've gotten to after two days of assembling things I would have liked if I wouldn't have minded getting cute stuff muddy and damp, at the Muddy Buddy a month ago.

Here are the items I found.

Hope you like my stylish little lady modeling the goods.

Come back for more style, shopping and just stuff that will (hopefully) make you smile.



  1. I am second only to Julie in becoming a follower. By the way, we have a tough mudder race in Lake Tahoe. Tempting???????

  2. I totally want that umbrella.

    PS. LOVE the blog design here.

  3. i love my ruthie! thanks for the gift in the mail! miss you bunches. kiss danny for me.

  4. Oh my gosh! I totally used that bicycle tote in an Etsy round up for work a while back.