Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tailoring and graphic design back in action

 About a year or two ago I  took a long break from my tailoring and alterations as well as my graphic design in home business. There sure is a lot of talk about side hustles, and part time jobs. And I've been doing those for many many years, since I had my children and became a stay-at-home mom. 

I find I'm ready to start back working again. Tailoring, alterations, quilting, and graphics too. 

Friday, October 1, 2021

New Stuff Nieces Graduation T-shirt quilt.

Not too long ago I offered to make a graduation quilt for my Niece. 
She sent me bags and bags of t-shirts and I finally settled on this layout.

All pieces had to be bonded to interfacing to keep the stretching down to a minimum.

The finished quilt top, I had tried to do a quilt as you go, but it went disastrously. 

But, finally, after some very frustrating moments.  I was able to finish it.

She's happy and I'm happy it's done,



Thursday, July 22, 2021

Recent Quilts

 Recently I was asked to create a memorial quilt for a friend who's had a devastating loss in her family.

Her best friends gathered some of the deceased favorite clothes, jeans, shorts, and socks. He was known for his wild socks.

Finished it looked like this:

First I started on the socks. I didn't think they would work on the quilt, so I thought about making them into sock animals for her three boy's.

Here's the finished piece.
Next, Sock Bear.
I started working on cutting up the all the clothes into large pieces of rectangles and squares.
I left the octopus for last. I didn't really love the eyes on top so I resewed them
lower like a REAL octopus.  

Dusty really liked it.

Working on making more blocks. Any flat surface works when you aren't around your project board.

Starting some more blocks.

I had finished most of my blocks. And started laying out the improvisational pattern. Essentially, just put some blocks together that look good, then add fabric till they fit to match the side to side measurement of the largest block in the strip.

The middle and right strips have been sewn from blocks into a strip. The left is my process, just make them fit the largest width you got.

Finished quilt top. 

Starting my quilt sandwich basting.

And now working on the free motion quilting. 

He thinks he's helping.

I free-handed the names of the boys onto the quilt, as well as their surname.

After binding and a wash and dry. Here is the memorial quilt.

My tag.

The backing after washing, was nice and puckered. Love the texture.

The finished sock animals out of his socks.

I'm pleased of the way it turned out and my friend and her children really love it.
There's nothing better than having a satisfied quilt lover.

Sincerely, Ruth

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Animal Baby Quilt

 I recently completed a quilt I’d started designing back in 2018. 

I have now u now finished it. Whew. 

Finished Product

Original Design

Computer Design Re-worked

Using CAD to design patterns

Adding seam allowance

Beginning the cutting process

Pattern look, Pattern pieces, and beginning sewing

Right at this point I got Covid and had to stop for about 3 weeks

I finally figured out how I wanted to do the heart.

Embroidered the name.

Adding tiny pieced sashing for around blocks

Always fun to do a little improv piecing for the back
(especially since I ran out of the backing fabric.)

Our newly adopted Dusty is helping

Quilting the sandwich

Printed out some tags!!

And Voila.

The ears and tail on some of the animals 
are free to flop around, play with,
chew on or whatever. (here they have been pinned up)

A little wash and dry and it's puckered up nicely
and washed away any extra sizing or starch.
Perfect for babies skin. 

I hope to upload the pattern to my Etsy account. But first I should probably give it to the intended recipient first.

Thanks, Ruth